FEATURED ARTIST: Fellow Photographer Hayler Hruska 

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Everyone has their own distinctive voice, it all just depends on how you choose express it. Whether it’s poetry, dance, photography, music, art, or any other type of creative outlet, it is a voice, and we want you to be heard. If your voice has fallen upon deaf ears, then share it with Cawthra Unheard, and make that quiet voice be admired by your fellow panthers.

Show the Cawthra Community just how capable you are of creating something truly beautiful and different, something completely unique, something that no one could ever recreate.

A voice can be interrupted in so many ways. It could be inspiring, informative or just a little something that makes people smile. What’s your voice?

You are Cawthra’s Unheard. Now make yourself heard.

1. Not everything gets posted
2. Only submit to cawthraunheard@gmail.com (not everyone has tumblr)
3. When submitting your piece, include your HOME ROOM COURSE CODE (helps us verify that only Cawthra students are submitting), as well as the CATEGORY OF YOUR PIECE as the title. The categories are art, dance, drama, music, film, photography, and writing.
4. No discrimination and no profanity
5. You may submit anonymously, under pen-names, or by your real name
6. Be respectful
7. Be creative!


inspirational quote
"Learning the art of living; living the art of learning"
-- Cawthra Park

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